Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A Few Sweet Treats to Tempt You!

Well, if these wont tempt you along to our Christmas Fayre this Thursday, then nothing will!!  These are the glorious "Sweet Trees" by Samantha's Cupcake Kitchen.  Sam will be on hand during the day and evening to present her Trees for sale, as well as her scrumptious cupcakes.  There will also be Cupcakes to sample along with a tea, coffee or mulled wine and any donation for these would be greatly received for Macmillan Cancer Research.
There are many other versions of the "Sweet Tree" on offer at our Fayre, to include Jelly Baby Trees, and Mini Marshmallow Trees, as well as Cone Shape "Jelly Star" Trees.

If you would prefer to purchase something that will be a little less damaging in the Weight Gain Department, then why not come along and take a look at the little Pine Cone Chocolate Delicacies we will have for sale, they make fantastic little gifts for School Teachers... very unusual and will be much appreciated I'm sure!
So have we tempted you???  Our Sweet Trees are now all wrapped up and waiting for YOU!  So make sure you stop by before they are all gone... I can't guarantee how long these glorious sweet treats will be around for!!!

Keep checking back for more posts on this event, it is "Set Up" day for us tomorrow so they'll be lots more photos to come! Back Soon!

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  1. They can be eaten as an apple straight off the tree. It is not necessary to wait for them to get soft to eat them raw..Trees For Sale