Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Childrens "Arty Parties"

Karen and Amanda, of The Little White Studio are now pleased to offer Children's "Arty Parties" for any kind of celebration.  Here are photos from our latest Party to celebrate Olivia's 7th Birthday.
After arriving at the Studio straight from School the girls began working on a canvas piece of their choice, we were tipped off in advance from Mum that Olivia loved animals so the workshop took on an animal theme.  Above you can see the canvas has been covered with a little music sheet paper at the base, the girls then got to grips with mixing some acrylic paint to create their skyline.
Using a spare canvas the girls had a practice at painting grass using acrylic inks, once they mastered this they then attempted it on their own canvas.
After drying off the wet paint, then came the decorating, each girl picked the animal cut-out of her choice along with pretty paper flower cut-outs, butterflies, descriptive words and pretty embellishments to include bows, glitter and rhinestones.
Using PVA these elements were then added to the canvas and finally doodle "rub-ons" and rubber stamping.  When the canvases were finished the girls then rubber stamped their names onto their very own Masterpieces!
And here are some of the finished pieces with their proud owners.... And so they should be proud, they all did a fantastic job!

The Little White Studio is situated in the grounds of Karen's home, so once the workshop is over the children can play in the garden and then come into the large kitchen for their party food which is provided by Mum!

If you would like to enquire further about "Arty Parties" or our Childrens Summer Art Workshops, please contact the Little White Studio using the email us button at the top right of this blog.

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  1. Being the Mum mentioned above I can not rave enough about the Childrens "Arty Party". My daughter loves art and crafts and this was a fabulous and fun way to spend her birthday. All the girls in the group were aged 7 and could not believe what they had managed to produce at the end of the 2 hour sesssion - well worth the money. I had a very excited and happy 7 year old at the end of the day. Many thanks to Amanda and Karen who were great teachers...the kids loved you!