Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Kids had a "Hoot" at our Summer Workshop.....

Our Summer Workshop this year had a cute wooden Owl in a vintage music sheet tree as the main feature.  The Children started out by creating the background on canvas using acrylic paints to create their sky and earthy surroundings for the tree.

They then added their tree and created foliage using prints of circular plastic lids covered in paint and then pen and ink for stalks.  The most exciting bit for the Children was adding the Owl to it's branch and then covering the tree in little leaves.

The Children had a fabulous time and all did really well with their creations, here they all are, very pleased with their finished masterpieces!  Well done!!
Even though they were all given the same tuition they each added their own artistic interpretation and personality to their individual piece, here are close ups of some of the finished works of art...

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